All last week, we were working towards our superhero costume. On Friday we showed them off at the end of the day! We had lots of rainbow girls, some spider boys, mosquito man, Omnom, Wonder Woman and many more.



Images and videos parental consent form
Next week a photographer is coming into school to take photographs for the school’s new website, we are still missing completed image consent forms for several children.  If you haven’t already please can you complete and return the forms for asap.  You need to complete the form even if you do not consent to photographs of your child being taken.  You can download a copy of the consent form here or please pick up a form from the school office. Thank you.

Cake baking – group 3

Group 3 enjoyed the baking challenge but missed out some vital steps! They forgot to take each ingredient out of the bowl before weighing a new one. Also, the eggs were both dropped on the floor. The cake has come out of the oven but so it will be their choice this afternoon whether to taste some or not!

The children did work well in a team, were kind to one another and had lots of fun.


All week we have been working hard on superhero costumes.

Please make sure you are here at 3:25 today as we will introduce each child as their superhero character as they leave. This may take longer than usual (and we would appreciate a big cheer as each child is announced!) so thank you for your patience.

Communicating with me

Good morning,

Just a friendly reminder that if you have something you need to communicate with me, it is best to do so directly to me. This can be briefly in the morning/after school or an email to the office.

Mrs Patel works 1:1 with a child so please don’t leave messages for her to pass onto me.

Many thanks


Making cakes

Group 2 have made their cake and have decided to share it between themselves. A few of them want to bring it home but others chose to eat their slice.