Our handwriting

For the last two weeks, we have learnt how to write these sounds










Meeting tomorrow

The parents meeting with me tomorrow at 3:50pm are

Rafi, Fergus, Emmi, Aurelia, Shaheim, Liam.

The meeting is for adults only but if you don’t have any child care, please come along with a quiet activity for your child to do.

Please arrive at the school punctuality and come to RKG ready to start at 3:50pm.

If you are unable to attend, please let me know.

Thank you

Photo workshop

Today the children were invited to a photo workshop. We had to wait patiently while a man took 3 photos of us. He said that we were the best behaved class in the school!We will wait a few days to receive the photos.

Whatever next!

These children have loved going to the moon! We didn’t have any cardboard box or colander donations but managed to find other things around the room to use. If you can provide us with these things, we would very much appreciate it.

Whatever next!

Next week we are reading the book ‘Whatever Next!’ by Jill Murphy.

If you have a copy of this book at home that you wouldn’t mind us borrowing for the week, please send it in. Also if you could lend us any of the following for the week, we would appreciate it


-large cardboard boxes

-picnic rugs

-food packaging (biscuits boxes or tins/drinks bottles etc)

We hope to have a picnic on the moon like Baby Bear does in the book!

Thank you for your support

Image result for whatever nextImage result for whatever next

Learning Together Time and meetings with teacher

Here is a copy of the letter for those people who didn’t receive it. The meeting with myself is a group meeting for adults only. We will not be providing a crèche but if you are unable to find childcare, please attend with your child and bring an activity that they can do quietly in the same room.

Many thanks

Group 1 meeting with teacher

Just a reminder that on Thursday 10th January, group 1 will meet me at 3:50 for a group meeting. The meeting will take place in RKG and will start promptly at 3:50 and end at 4:20pm.

This meeting is for parents/carers only so please make child care arrangements.

The parents in tomorrow’s meeting are

Arthur, Sol, Niamh, Saskia, Luca, Raquel

Please kindly inform me if you are unable to attend.

Many thanks