The giraffe, the pelly and me!

We are now reading this classic by Roald Dahl.


Egg and cress sandwiches

As you know we have been growing cress. On Friday we put the cress to good use and made egg and cress sandwiches!

In other areas of learning we have been still working on the consonant clusters in phonics and we can now write some of these words well!

In maths we solves measuring problems and tried to work out who was the tallest in our teams and which container would be best to take on a picnic if we needed a lot of water.

Beach trip letter

I am still waiting for 8 people to return their beach letter trip. The deadline was Friday so if I don’t hear from you tomorrow, I will assume you are planning to take your child yourself.

Spare letters are in the book bags of those I am still waiting to hear from.

Thanks a lot

Beach trip letter reminder

In order for us to plan the trip, we need all letters returned ASAP. Unfortunately if we don’t hear back from parents, we will assume we don’t have enough parents taking their own children and we will be unable to go on the trip.

Please return the letter (or just tell me whether you will take your own child) by Monday 10th June.

Many thanks

Our learning

This week we have learnt a lot!

We learnt how to structure a story using a character, setting, problem and solution.

Some of us wrote our own stories on paper or told a story on seesaw.

We planted cress on Monday and look at it already! Next week we hope to have egg and cress sandwiches!

In maths we have been solving number problems and will continue to solve measurement problems next week.

Have a good weekend!