The very hungry caterpillar

Today we have looked at what the caterpillar ate, we have tasted some fruit and enjoyed fruit printing.


Comic relief

Children are very welcome to come into school in their own clothes on tomorrow (Friday 15th) to raise money for Comic Relief. Red noses optional. Thank you for your support.

Science week – Learning about tracking birds

Yesterday, we had the honour and privilege of having Mr. Rob in our class to share with us his work that he does, as a zoologist, at the London Zoo.

One of his many roles, as a zoologist, that he spoke about was mapping and tracking the movements of birds, not only in the UK, but in the world. He spoke about using a tracking device to track the birds’ movement, using tags on birds and an accelerometer, which is a chip that is attached to birds, to measure their physical activity.

The children had a go at using in an accelerometer.

Mr Rob spoke about the sea birds including the wandering albatross, Manx Shearwater and Red Footed Booby.

Did you know that the wandering albatross has an average wing span of 3.1 metres and that it is the biggest flying animal on earth? Super impressive!

Mr Rob also spoke about the decreasing numbers of sea birds over the past decades and asked the class what they thought contributed to the reduction. Many children offered good responses to this question and one of these was the increasing plastic waste in the oceans.

This was a great start to our Science week and we hope that this, along with other activities happening this week, will inspire many of our budding scientists.